Adrecord was founded in late 2009 when our solid ground of our technical solution was developed. Nearly one year later, in the beginning of october 2010, the affiliate netword Adrecord was lounched in Sweden.
Since then we have continued to develop and work on our product almost every day, to keep up with the overall developement in the industry and to take the lead regarding to transparency, user experience and technology.

December 2010
the ad format YourAd launched and quickly became popular because the affiliates could create their own ads consisting of the optional products, products from e-merchants' price files.
April 2011
We launch our product ECT (Enhanced Conversion Tracking) for affiliates. The product helped, over a few years, affiliates to get an overview of which keywords that converted to sales. Unfortunately, Google put a spanner in the product a couple of years later, when they introduced the encryption of traffic from the search result.
March 2012
The ad format YourSpot is launched. The format helps affiliates to optimize their ad spaces where our algorithm manages ad impressions and tries to show the right banner for the right visitors using retargeting and content recognition.
April 2013
We launch our API made for affiliates, which makes it possible to get access to accountinformation and statistics in third party applications.
July 2015
We launch our brand new site with many new features, and at the same time we expand our business to other markets in scandinavia with the initial focus on Norway.
July 2016
We start a new line of business in the field of influencer marketing, called Interlaced Influencers. This is to meet our demand in more viral, relationship-based marketing on social media. We offer both existing and new customers campaigns, posted by influential persons trough their social channels, so that the company reaches out to a specific audience more easily.

“Our intention to go into an existing and highly competitive industry was founded in the concept stage when we wanted to change and make affiliate marketing more friendly, innovative, and much more transparent. If we have succeeded, only our affiliates and customers can answer that, but I know that we every day do our utmost to follow our original vision”

Jonny Elofsson, Founder and CEO


Jonny Elofsson - CEO

Jonny Elofsson

Jonny has been working as an affiliate himself for many years and knows the ins and outs of online marketing and affiliate marketing like the back of his hand. Nowadays Jonny is working primarily with improving Adrecords services, both for our publishers and our affiliates. He enjoys running, mountain biking and relaxing outdoors.

Jesper Wallin - CTO

Jesper Wallin

Jesper makes sure that our servers are up and running as well as maintaining our code base. He is a huge fan of OpenBSD, vegan food and psychedelic music.

Markus Ekegren - Key Account Manager

Markus Ekegren
KAM & Partner

Markus is in charge of handling customers and making sure that our publishers and affiliates has a smooth experience. He has also been involved in the design and implementation of the website and control panel. He likes his sail boat, racing and photography.

Isabelle Berglund - Customer Success Manager

Isabelle Berglund
Customer Success Manager

Isabelle is in charge of handling customers and making sure that our publishers and affiliates has the best experience. Born and raised in Dalarna, but moved to Örebro due to studies. She has previous worked with marketing and event. She likes horse powers in different forms and also to drink coffee.

Carl Kling - Account Manager

Carl Kling
Account Manager

Carl has long practiced his ability to communicate. The best thing he knows is to have conversations - especially those which leads towards ideas about possible collaborations. He is as committed to social issues as in the choice of Subway menu.