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We are Adrecord


Adrecord was founded in late 2009 when our solid ground of our technical solution was developed. Nearly one year later, in the beginning of October 2010, the affiliate network Adrecord was launched in Sweden.

Since then we have continued to develop and work on our product almost every day, to keep up with the overall developement in the industry and to take the lead regarding to transparency, user experience and technology.

“Our intention to go into an existing and highly competitive industry was founded in the concept stage when we wanted to change and make affiliate marketing more friendly, innovative, and much more transparent. If we have succeeded, only our affiliates and customers can answer that, but I know that we every day do our utmost to follow our original vision”
- Jonny Elofsson, Founder

CTO - Markus EKegren

Markus Ekegren


E-post: markus@adrecord.com

Head of Sales - Harald Andersson

Harald Andersson

Head of Sales

E-post: harald@adrecord.com

CEO - Linus Wickberg

Linus Wickberg


E-post: linus@adrecord.com

Account Manager - Carolina Fridlund

Carolina Fridlund

Account Manager

E-post: carolina@adrecord.com

Partner Manager - Ebba Lundh

Ebba Lundh

Partner Manager

E-post: ebba@adrecord.com

Developer - Christer Vadman

Christer Vadman


E-post: christer@adrecord.com

Partner Manager - Isabelle Johansson

Isabelle Johansson

Partner Manager

E-post: isabelle@adrecord.com

Developer - André Persson

André Persson


E-post: andre@adrecord.com

Developer - Oscar Ternevid

Oscar Ternevid


E-post: oscar@adrecord.com

Account Manager - Johan Greger

Johan Greger

Account Manager

E-post: johan@adrecord.com

Mood Manager - Pytte


Mood Manager

E-post: pytte@adrecord.com