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Last modified: Dec 6 2021


By visiting Adrecord.com (“the Website”) which is provided by Adrecord AB (“Adrecord”) and/or using information provided on or via this Website, the visitor approves these user terms and conditions (“User Terms and Conditions”), which are binding on the visitor.

Adrecord and any third party have full ownership rights, copyright and all intellectual property rights to all material and all trademarks and logos on the Website. These rights are valid in all countries.

All forms of publication, reproduction, copying, transfer or storage of whole or part of the content of the Website without the right-holder’s written permission is prohibited, including for own use. The content of the Website may be quoted with permission from Adrecord and the source shall then be clearly stated.

It is the user’s own responsibility to ensure only material on the Website for which it has copyright, or for which the user has been given permission by the right-holder to use on the Website, is published or used. When the user publishes material, the user agrees to Adrecord storing, disseminating and publishing the material and that the right-holder has given its permission for this.

Personal data

Due to GDPR *, we have completed our Terms of Service with an Privacy Policy (valid since 2018-05-25), which describes more fully how we save and handle personal information.

*General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council), abbreviated DGPR (General Data Protection Regulation), is a new EU Regulation, which will begin throughout the EU on 25 May 2018. GDPR replaces the Swedish Personal Information Act (PUL).


Adrecord uses cookies mainly to maintain a session when you are logged in to the control panel. Some functions use cookies also in a logged-out setting to collect traffic data and to facilitate certain activities on the Website. The cookies stored in your browser never contain any information associated with you as a person.

A cookie is a text file handled by your browser that can be active for a specific period. If you do not want to permit cookies, you can alter your browser’s settings for how to handle cookies and the type of cookies that can be stored. You can also erase cookies stored in your browser on an earlier occasion. If you choose not to permit cookies for Adrecord.com, the functionality becomes limited and we cannot guarantee the availability of certain functions.


Adrecord is entitled to send email to registered users and, by registering on the Website, you agree to receive information sent to your email address.

Adrecord does not guarantee that the Website is available to the visitor or that it is free from viruses or other types of harmful software. Adrecord is not liable for either direct or indirect damage, cost, loss or claims arising therefrom that may arise when using the Website. All use of the information on the Website is at the user’s own risk. Swedish law is applicable to the use of the Website and the interpretation of the User Terms and Conditions. Any dispute arising from the use of the Website and its User Terms and Conditions shall be determined in a Swedish court.