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Adrecord is an affiliate network where you can set up an affiliate account and use your channels to promote advertisers in exchange for a commission. We take full responsibility for technology, finance, support and help you create relationships with advertisers!
An affiliate is a person who helps advertisers by driving visitors from their channels to the advertiser's website in exchange for commission. For example, affiliates can operate on a website, blog or Instagram profile.
No, it's totally free!
This is how easy it is to create an account at Adrecord:
  • Create a free account here
  • Register one or more channels
  • Start collaborations with interesting advertisers
The result is that you earn commission when you help advertisers sell their products and services!
A channel is a place where you promote advertisers in the form of text or images, for example. A channel can be a website, a blog or a newsletter etc. A channel can also be in the form of advertising through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
Once you have submitted your channel for review, we will handle it within 24 hours on weekdays.
If your channel has been denied, you will receive an email describing why it wasn't approved. To get your channel approved you will need to adjust your channel and resubmit it for review. NOTE! If you haven't received the email in the inbox, also check the spam folder.
These are some of the channels you can register on our network: websites, blogs, apps, newsletters, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, MSN / Bing Ads and Google CSS / Shopping etc. NOTE! Some advertisers do not allow all types of channels! See which type of channels they allow at the advertisers program page.
No, a private person needs to be over 18 to become an affiliate at Adrecord.


When talking about advertiser in context of affiliate marketing, advertisers most often a company that sells products or services through an e-commerce.
Yes, you can apply to more than one advertiser.
Once your channel has been approved by the advertiser, you will receive an email from us. You also see that the channel is without any status comments at the page - channels on your account.


Companies: We pay earned commission on the 15th of each month. If the 15th occurs on a holiday, the payment is sent the following weekday.

Private Person: You choose which day of the month you want us to send your earned commission to one of our payment partners, and there you can make further choices for your payment.

NOTE! It may take a day before it appears in your bank account, depending on which bank you use.
Your commission is usually based on the order value excluding VAT and shipping. On each advertiser's page you will find more information about what you receive commission for.
Log in to your account and click on settings - payment details, Cool Company will be displayed there if you have linked the accounts correctly. You will also be able to choose a date when your commission will be sent to Cool Company. .
Log in to your account and click on settings - payment details, Gigapay will be displayed there if you have linked the accounts correctly. You will also see the "Make Payments" button directly on the control panel when logged in.
Note! Gigapay is only avalible for Swedish affiliates.
As a private person registered in Sweden or Norway, our payment partners handle all this for you. For other countries, we refer to the current terms for the payment partner you have chosen, in some cases you might need to report your income to the tax authority.
Your balance may decrease if the advertiser has declined one or more of your transactions. The reason for a transaction being rejected may be that all or parts of the order has been returned.
You access your payment documents in the user menu in the upper right and then under the tab "Payments." Go to Payments Here »
It varies depending on the advertiser, but generally the advertiser handles transactions at the beginning of the month after the transactions are registered (transactions registered in January are reviewed in February).
If an advertiser offers a commission of 20%, you generally get remuneration for approved sales. All advertisers offer different commissions, what commission, you can read about in their program description. Calculation example:
  • Advertiser's commission is 20%
  • A visitor buys from an advertiser for SEK 1,000 excluding VAT and shipping
  • Your commission will then be 1000 x 0.2 = 200 kr
Your balance is a preliminary number on what you've earned in commission. The reason is that advertisers approve your sales and make any rejections (may include, for example, returned goods), which can make your balance vary over time.

Once your sale has been approved and been paid for by the advertiser, the amount is reported under "ready for next payment". This is the amount you will receive at the next payment, provided that the amount exceeds the payment limit.
To get your commission paid out as a private person, your earned commission must be at least 300 SEK and for companies the limit is 500 SEK.
Our advertisers usually pay for conversion and not per click, which is when someone clicks on a text link or banner and then makes a purchase, registration or similar on the advertiser’s site.


Tracking time is the time between clicks and purchases that is commission-based.

This time varies for different advertisers, but many have a tracking time of 45 days. Which means that when a visitor clicks on your link or banner and makes a purchase within 45 days, your commission amount will be registered.

It is the channel that has the last click before the purchase is completed that receives the commission.
Clean links is a technique for linking to advertisers with regular links, such as directly to instead of Read more about clean links Here»
Referrers are not always displayed, in some cases it depends on the attribute "rel =" noreferer " specified on the link.
A click is registered within a few minutes, and you can see the statistics in real time through our dashboard.
We update all of our advertisers feeds every morning.
A product feed is a list of products from the advertiser with prices, categories, stock status etc. You can therefore use it to present advertisers products etc. in your own channel.
Datafeedr processes new advertisers as soon as they have the opportunity. Therefore, it may take one or a few days before they are visible to you who using Datafeedr.
EPI stands forEnhanced Publisher Integration.

For example, you can use it to name your links that you use on your site. By doing so, you can later see in the EPI report which link was clicked on before the purchase was made.
Yes we have! With the help of our API you can, for example, integrate statistics into your own web platform.

More information and documentation can be found Here »


Yes, if you do a blog post and link to one of our advertisers, you need to write at the top of the post that it is an advertisement. For example:

"This post is an advertisement for the ADVERTISER'S NAME and contains ad links."

More information about your obligations can be found in our Affiliate Agreement.
Yes, you can. Log in to your account, click on the heading “Reports” and select transactions. There you can choose between what dates you want the report to show transactions for. When you do this you will get the number of transactions and other statistics for the chosen period.
It is normally allowed to use images from advertisers, unless otherwise stated in the respective advertiser's program description. However, it is not allowed to manipulate images, or use images from one advertiser to promote another. Use common sense.
Deep links are when a link sends your visitors / followers directly to a specific page (such as a product page) rather than a link to the advertiser's home page.
EPC - Earnings per click.

A measure of what you as an affiliate on average can expect to earn per click, based on CR, commission and order value. Read more here »