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Can I use images from the advertiser?

It is normally permitted to use images from the advertiser, unless otherwise stated in each advertiser's program description. It is not allowed to manipulate the images, or use images from one advertiser to promote another. Use common sense.

For how long do I need to wait to get approved for a program?

The most common practise is that you get temporarily approved for a program. Some advertisers have a manual approval routine and approve affiliates from time to time.
The advertisers routine for reviewing new affiliates is different for every advertiser, so please hold on for a few days.

How can I change my channel URL?

Unfortunately you can't do that by yourself. But please send us an email and we will help you out.

How do I add a new channel that I bought from another affiliate?

First you will need to ask the former owner of the channel to deleted it on his/her account. All statistics and pending sales etc. will remain on the former owners account.

Then you can go ahead and add the channel on your account. Please make sure to add all new applications to the programs and change all links on the channels so they corresponds with your new channelID.

When does advertiser approve their transactions?

It can vary depending on the advertiser, but generally advertiser will review their transactions at the end of the month, the following month the transactions were recorded.
When the transactions have been approved by the advertiser we will send them the invoice. And when the advertiser have paid the invoice the transactions will ready for the next affiliate payment.

Why doesn't a new advertiser show up on Datafeedr?

Datafeedr handles new advertiser as soon as they can.
But it might take a few days before they will show up, if your using Datafeedr.

Do I get a commission when I've been approved for an advertiser?

You will get your commission when you forward traffic to the advertiser and when the traffic converts into customers.
When your application gets approved it means that you from now on are accepted to forward traffic and help to advertise for the advertiser with banners or links on your channel or website.

Do you have any payout limit?

To get your payment as a company will will have to earn commission for at least 500 SEK, and if you don't have a company the limit is 300 SEK.

What do you mean by a commission of 20%?

In general advertiser pay commission for forward traffic that leads to some kind of conversion. The commission is based on the order value that the customer you forwarded bought for.
Off course the commission will vary from one advertiser to another, so please read through their program description to understand what terms will apply.


  • The advertiser commission is 20%
  • A customer buys stuff for 1 000 SEK, without tax and shipping
  • Your commission will be 1000 x 0.2 = 200 SEK.

When do I get my money?

We will pay you your approved commission on the 15th every month. If the 15th appears on the weekend we will pay the next business day.
Please note that it might take a few days before the transaction appears in you bank account, depending on which bank you use and in which country.

Why don't I earn anything on all my clicks?

One of the most common questions we get to our support is how the account balance could be 0, even though banners are up visitors are clicking.

The answer is simple. Our advertiser pays for conversion, in other words when someone clicks an affiliate link or a banner and then, on the advertisers website, place an order and completes the checkout or signs up for a subscription (Sales or Leads).
You can see what commission is available for a certain advertiser by reading their program description.

Will I get any receipt for my payment?

You can view all your payment receipts on the Payments page. You can find in the user menu in the top right corner, and then press the link Payments.
Link to the Payments page

What is Clean links?

Clean links is a technique to link to an advertiser with "regular links", example directly to http://example.com instead of http://click.adrecord.com/?p=19&c=235.
To be able to measure traffic and sales with that regular link you need to put our clean-links-code on your site. You can get the clean-links-code from the page where you get your affiliate-link, just check the button for HTML-code and then the button Clean Links.

You just need to add the clean-links-code once on your site, and the script will then determine if you have some more links to different advertisers that you have been approved for. The script will also change your regular links to affiliate links in the exact moment when a visitor clicks on the link.

Best practise is to place the clean-links-code in one of your websites template files, or in the blog-template, and it will load on every page on your website or blog.
When you have done that, please try to click one of your links and make sure you can see the clicks counting in the dashboard.

PS. If you are using WordPress, please consider our affiliate plugin which can help you with adding Clean Links to your website.

What is tracking time?

The tracking time describes the acceptable length of time between a click and a conversion, that still counts and trigger the commission.

Most common is a tracking time for 30 days, which means that when a visitor clicks a link or a banner on your website they need to complete their conversion within 30 days for it to trigger your commission.
The channel or website with the latest click in time of the conversion will get the commission.

Why can't I see the clicks counting?

We measure clicks in realtime, however it might take a few minutes for our servers to be in sync and before the number of clicks shows up in our dashboard.

Why can't I see view on my links?

We only measure views on banners, which means you wont see how many of your visitors that have viewed your links. On the other hand you can easily see how many who have clicked them.