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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on a performance-based model where affiliates promote your e-commerce in their channel and drive traffic to your site via their unique affiliate links. When the affiliate's visitors make a purchase, you pay commission to the affiliate.

We believe that relationships are the key to create the best collaborations and because of that, we work closely with both you as an advertiser and our awesome affiliates and influencers. We help you to profitable collaborations through tailor-made arrangements based on your business and your goals, and on our knowledge and experience.

Become and advertiser

Curious about how it works?

We take care about everything from support & technology to finance.

Affiliates apply

Affiliates apply to your program and once they are approved, they start to send quality traffic to you through their channels.

Your sales increase

When affiliates have sent visitors to you which then make a purchase, the transactions are registered by us. You see all the statistics in our detailed reports.

You approve

The transactions are handled by you as an advertiser. When it is done, we gather everything on an invoice which we send to you.

We take care of all the payments

We manage the payments to your affiliates, for both companies and private persons!

Why affiliates?

There are many reasons to work with affiliates!

We help you who have an e-commerce to increase your sales, increase your presence on the market and to streamline your digital marketing via affiliates. It is cost effective, measurable and really easy for you. We have extensive experience of digital marketing and affiliates in particular, and by creating a tailored strategy, we help you achieve your goals!

Cost effective

Via our performance-based model, you only pay for results = When your affiliates mediate sales. Every month you get a list of the sales generated by affiliates and you can easily deny returns, for example. So you only pay commission for qualitative sales!

Detailed reports

For many years, we have worked hard to build detailed reports so that you will have full knowledge of your sales. Here you can choose between different types of reports depending on what you want to see. Of course, you can also export the reports to share with your colleagues (And brag about the results)!

Personal contact

As an advertiser, we work closely with you and you have your own contact person who you always can turn to for questions or concerns. We believe that relationships and trust create the best collaborations! We also have world-class support that you always reach via email & chat.

Full insight

For us, transparency is a matter of course. Therefore, you have your own account where you can follow all the activity. You always have access to all statistics, results, affiliates / influencers and economy. Our routines are smooth and the administration so simple that you are done in no time.

Only one invoice

Regardless if you collaborate with hundreds of different affiliates and influencers, you get everything collected at one invoice. We have no hidden costs and we take care of all payments to affiliates and influencers. Your economy department will thank you!

Trust us!

When we start your program, we help you create what we know would suit best for your program. We have ongoing reconciliations and are happy to come up with inputs and ideas to create different activities to make your affiliate program develop and reach new heights!

An echo from our customers

Every day we help hundreds of e-commerces around the Nordics with affiliate marketing. Below you can see what some of them say about our collaboration:


"Since 2011, Adrecord has been an important part of the Party King's growth. We are very positive about our cooperation for the future as well."

Joel Svensson - CEO


"I can warmly recommend Adrecord as an affiliate platform to anyone who wants to reach new customers in a smooth way. Friction-free start and awesome boarding team make it easy to grow in the platform"

Lucas Wasniewski - CEO


"Adrecord's platform facilitates our work with our ambassadors. A brilliant system that is easy to work in for both us and those we work with."

Moa Lindmark - Influencer Marketing Manager