Efficient online marketing!

Get more traffic and conversions for your e-business or website, only pay for good results.

Adrecord offers flexible solutions for digital advertisers to collaborate with affiliates and other publishers in a transparent and powerful way.

Since 2010, Adrecord has created long-term and trustworthy relationships between brands and affiliates, also known as publishers. In other words, a strong affiliate network in e-commerce.


Make your marketing efforts effective for optimized ROI! Through our performance-based business model, you only pay for results.

Complete control

If you are a stats-geek you will love our reports. We provide you with all the data you need to be able to make sound decisions in an efficient manner.

Personal service

You will get access to our support which is only a few keystrokes away, with quick, friendly and often brutally honest answers.

Smooth & easy

Seamless, simple and flexible administrative routines and returns management.

You're the boss

As an advertiser you decide what roles and terms affiliates need to follow, and how they are allowed to market your brand.

One invoice

One invoice once a month, we take care of paying our affiliates.

Become an advertiser

Get the opportunity to expose your brand and products on websites and blogs. You only pay for results in terms of increased sales.

Get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within the same day).

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