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What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is basically a more modern version of word of mouth, where credibility plays an important role. We help you as an e-merchant to create collaborations with suitable influencers on social media by connecting you with credible profiles with established followers. Influencers then market your brand or campaign in their channel and create trust for your brand through their content. Marketing via influencers is natural and realistic as it is woven into the consumer's own everyday life.

As an advertiser, you can give influencers the opportunity to work with adlinks or paid collaborations on our platform. For adlinks, you pay commission for the sales that the influencer mediates. For paid collaborations you pay a fixed amount that is determined in advance.

By working with influencers, you reach your core audience directly via social media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and blogs. We help you achieve your goals by creating successful and profitable collaborations with influencers on our platform!

Become an advertiser

How our platform works

In our platform, you find over 5000 influencers in both the nano, micro and macro segments. You can sort between influencers based on target group, channels or followers and choose which ones you want to activate for your campaigns. Of course, we help you develop and implement an influencer marketing strategy that suits your brand, as well as optimize your campaigns based on relevant KPI:s!

A campaign launches

Your campaign is launched on our platform. The campaign contains the requirements and expectations you have on your influencers.

Interested influencers joins the campaign

Influencers read through your campaign brief and apply for the campaign.

You activate interesting influencers

When influencers start to apply, you can read more about each influencer. With a click, you then activate the ones you think suits best for your campaign and brand!

Influencers deliver their collaborations

Influencers deliver their collaborations based on your campaign brief. We help you to proofread all posts to ensure the highest quality.

We take care of everything else

LSalary payments, invoices and email correspondence, no problem! We take care of those pieces and you receive an invoice on a monthly basis for the collaborations that have been made.

Why should you work with influencers?

To use influencer marketing as an advertiser has several benefits, such as gaining brand awareness, increasing sales and building trust with your target audience.

A smooth start-up

Before the start-up, we help you develop and implement a tailored strategy for influencer marketing. We are happy to help you design your campaigns to achieve your goals, such as increased sales, a stronger brand or growth in your own channels!

Large selection of influencers

In our network you find over 5000 influencers, from the micro to macro segment and in all conceivable niches and industries. We ensure that you find the right influencers for your message, product and brand!

Personal contact

We love to work close to you as an advertiser! Here you have your own contact person who you can turn to for questions or concerns. Do you want to talk about strategy, refine your campaign or get suggestions of influencers to activate? No matter what, you reach us directly via email or chat.

Thousands of collaborations

Together with our advertisers and influencers, we have carried out tens of thousands of collaborations over the years. Our experience and knowledge allow us to promise that our analytical ability is as great as our fingertip feeling. Let us help you with your campaign to optimize the outcome together with your influencers.

Only one invoice

If you are tired of piles of paper and manual salary payments you have come to the right place. We take care of payments to influencers and send you one invoice where we have collected all collaborations. We have no hidden fees and you keep a close eye on your budget in the control panel.

Measurability in all steps

It is a matter of course for us that you should be able to see and measure sales for your campaigns. With our technology and clear reports, you can see how your influencers are performing and take part in the outcome of your campaign.

A few words from customers we help with influencer marketing

We have helped hundreds of brands and e-retailers to succeed with influencer marketing. Here you can read what some of them think about our collaboration!

Protein logo

"We are pleased to have a close collaboration with Interlaced Influencers. Interlaced complements our existing influencer marketing strategy in an effective way and is a matter of course for us choices in our continued journey."

Albert Vllasa - CEO

Ida Warg Beauty logo
Ida Warg Beauty

“Working with Interlaced Influencers is part of our long-term strategy when it comes to work intensively with influencer marketing. We have had a positive ROAS so far and are very satisfied with the cooperation.”

Anna Edman - Marketing director

Sinful logo

“It is a pleasure to work with Adrecord. We at Sinful thrive very well with a network that works proactively instead of us having to ask or make suggestions all the time. We clearly see that the collaboration achieves all the goals we set together with Adrecord.”

Sebastian Møller Sardemann - Performance Marketing Specialist.

BookBeat logo

““The collaboration with Adrecord is very smooth. Their proactive work of finding new profiles that match our brand have already given good results from day one.”

Erik Nordberg, Marketing Development Manager.