Adrecord offers flexible solutions for digital advertisers to cooperate with affiliates and other publishers in a transparent and effective way.

Affiliate network

In Adrecords affiliate network advertisers and affiliates collaborates within a results-based model where the focus is to match advertisers with talented affiliates which can generate more sales for advertisers. All partnerships between advertisers and affiliates in the network are based on trust where transparency and quality are the core values for a long-lasting, and mutually, beneficial cooperation.

Adrecords primary goals is to create qualitative Relations between advertisers and affiliates as well as to manage the support, technology, management and the finances.

Affiliate - Earn money on your blog or website

Are you website owner or blogger and want the possibility to monetize your visitors. Adrecord offers a wide range of affiliate programs where you have the opportunity to market high-quality companies with well-established brands. We value close relationships and would love to have a continuous dialogue with you as an affiliate, and together we will achieve the best results out of your affiliate marketing.

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Great affiliate programs
Good selection of affiliate programs and advertisers to choose from with clear guidelines.
Quick & skilled support
According to many people, the absolute best support offered within the industry.
Powerful reports
Powerful and clear reports that make it easy for you to monitor and make informed decisions.
API & Callback
API and callback offered for external communications with your account if necessary.
Product feeds
Product feeds are offered for many of our affiliate program, both consistent and in multiple formats.
YourAd / YourSpot
Simple and customizable ad-formats, so you could get started quickly.
Payment guarantee
So you could feel safe and secure.
Integrate with Google Ads,, Datafeedr, We Can Track and more…

Advertiser E-commerce and Merchants

As an advertiser with Adrecord you have the opportunity to appear on websites and blogs with your brand and your products. You will only pay for results in terms of increased sales. You will also determine the guidelines for the co-operation and how and where you want be exposed, Adrecords task is to administer and manage co-operation to achieve the desired results.

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Nice & easy!
Agile, simple and flexible procedures such as returns management and administration.
You decide
You as an advertiser will decides all the guidelines.
Simple invoice management
One invoice per month, Adrecord manages payments to all your affiliates.
Powerful and clear reports for follow-up.
Advertiser API offered for automated returns handling etc.
Personal & Honest
Personal, fast service and no hidden or fixed costs.

Agency - Help your clients with affiliate marketing

Do you represent an agency with one or more clients who want help with affiliate marketing? If that's the case we can provide you with an "umbrella account" where you easily can administer unlimited number of accounts under one and the same login/account.
Contact us and tell us about your demands and we will find an arrangement that suits you and your clients needs.

Private tracking

Tracking and results chart

Adrecord specialize in measuring the conversion and provide customized solutions to measure and monitor results of the online marketing activities.
Maybe you are considering an affiliate program and want to start on a smaller scale? Or are you interested in working with only selected partners?
Contact us and we will look at a solution that fits your needs!

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Mobile tracking

With Adrecord you get access to a modern technical platform to measure online activities, developed by Adrecords employees with many years of experience. The platform is kept constantly updated to meet the needs of the industry that is constantly evolving. We offer the latest technology in conversion measurement but also a smart technical solutions to facilitate ongoing administration for both advertisers and affiliates.

  • Tracking of online activities with constantly updated technology
  • Mobile tracking
  • Tracking of coupon codes which enables conversion measuring of offline activities, such as print and Instagram marketing.
  • Fingerprint technology - tracking without cookies
  • Clean Links - Nice and tidy trackable links
  • Support for HTML5-banners.