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Do you have an Instagram account with a lot of followers and interaction? If so, you can earn money by using affiliate marketing!

Are you not familiar with affiliate marketing already? If you are not, we recommend you to read more about what it is and how it works here.

Shorty described, you market products by using links in a post or in a story at your Instagram account. If your followers buy a product through your unique tracking links (also called adlinks), you get your commission (if the purchase take place within -normally- 30 days). The commission are usually 10% of the order value, but sometimes less and sometimes higher. At Adrecord, we have a large number of companies connected to us, for example Herobility, ICIW, Partykungen, Coolstuff, Lohilo and By that, you have a great possibility to find a company suitable for your target group.

Earn money by having fun!

How you use affiliate links on Instagram

First, you have to register as an affiliate (for free - of course!) at Adrecord. By becoming a member (an affiliate), you get access to the companies connected to us and the possibility to market them on Instagram. Just apply to the company that you are interested in working with. As soon as you have been approved you get your tracking links and are ready to go!

Instagram is not the easiest channel to use in terms of affiliate marketing, but there are two different ways to do it. Upload a regular post with a picture and text where you market the product. Then post the affiliate link in your biography, and refer your followers to click on it in your post. It is not yet possible to upload the link directly in the post in a suitable way. You can also use stories in your marketing - but only if your account has over 10.000 followers. You use stories by posting a picture or a movie in your story. Then use the ”Swipe up” function to post your affiliate links (Note! Since the fall 2021 Instagram has changed the Swipe-up function, and now almost everyone can use the new function ”Sticker”, which is a replacement for Swipe-up).

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It is very important that your marketing feels genuine and trustworthy. It is easier for you to mediate this feeling by marketing products that you personally like and would had market regardless if you are being paid for it or not. Take your time and create good content! Make sure that you post pictures, texts and/or movies with good quality. It is important to have in mind that it is your personal brand and your credibility which evokes the interest from your followers. The more material you create by yourself, the better.

Do you have a hard time getting started? Take a look at our quick start guide that we have created to help you.

You always have to mark your posts as commercial when using affiliate links on Instagram, according to Swedish marketing law. This applies to both posts and in stories. Tag the company as a sponsor to your post/story and the text ”In collaboration with…” will be visible. It has to be 100% clear that the post contains advertising.

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What do you do now?

You probably have an Instagram account already. Follow the steps below to kick start your affiliate marketing:

  1. Register as an affiliate at Adrecord (if you haven’t done it already)
  2. Add your Instagram account as a channel at your affiliate account
  3. Go to ”Program” in the dashboard and create a relation with those companies that you are interested in
  4. Create links, create your post and add the affiliate link in your bio.
    Create links, create your story and use the function ”Swipe up” (If you have more than 10.000 followers)
  5. Be patient and try to work long-term! It will pay off in the end :)

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